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Colour is the backdrop for beautiful design! Choosing the correct paint colour is one of the most important decisions that can make or break your design. We will be happy to work with you to create the perfect paint palette for your new construction or remodeling project.

Get it right the first time! Undertones are extremely hard to see on that teeny-tiny paint chip. 180 design uses large 11” x 14” Colour Boards to help you see undertones so clearly! You will be confident in all your colour choices! Surround yourself with the perfect colours that appeal to you visually and emotionally.

Many people have colour phobia when choosing the right shade for their paint colours. When choosing a colour for your project, you may second-guess yourself on which colours will work best for all the elements of your space. Colour impacts your mood and feeling. This feeling toward colour is a matter of your own personal experiences. Like music, a colour can make you happy or sad. This is why you can feel uncomfortable in a room that is painted in a hue you don’t like. If a room has the wrong undertone or colour, you instantly feel that the colour is off. It makes the furniture and trim colours look dirty. The colour that worked in your friend’s house will not work in your house because every home has different lighting, sun exposure, windows and architecture that needs a personalized custom approach for each room.

Lisa uses a quick colour test to identify your personal reactions to colour to ensure your colour happiness. She will assess your homes undertones and complexion in order to recommend colours that work for your personal preferences and your hard and soft furnishings for the room. We encourage you to purchase the recommended test samples and test the selected paint colours in your home - viewing them in different light sources and at different times of the day.

Do you need to custom match colours and can’t find your old paint colour? Lisa can colour match anything, from fabrics, furniture, accessories - even your pets or favorite sports team colour.

With our High Tech Colour Sensor, colour matching is a breeze!

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A professional colour consult will be your best investment to ensure you love the look and feel of your home. Lisa will create a timeless and on-trend cohesive colour palette just for you. Let Lisa’s expert guidance give you the confidence to surround yourself with colours you love inside and outside your home.

For Professional Interior Design Help in Winnipeg and South East Manitoba Contact: Lisa of 180 Design (204) 371-4888 or email for a consult today!



Lisa! Thank-you so much for your help in transforming my new house to feel like my home. Your knowledge and professionalism in taking my jumbled ideas and turning them into a "feel" that works for the house has turned out beyond my expectations. From paint colors to trim and wall coverings, we have followed all your recommendations. As I walk into each room I can't help but smile and feel at peace. Lisa - you are a talented design Magician!! I can't wait to start the basement!


Lisa is very knowledgeable with colour and combining and flowing through the whole house. Her large colour palettes are lifesavers! Makes you envision the colours easier. Looking forward to having the house painted in our new colour design!

Maria Tuck

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For Professional Interior Design Help in Winnipeg and South East Manitoba Contact: Lisa of 180 Design (204) 371-4888 or email for a consult today!